When we look at the decline of baptisms in the Southern Baptist Convention (and in other denominations), it’s evident that there is a problem.

Simply put, we’ve stopped having gospel conversations. We’ve stopped evangelizing.

Churches have killed evangelism programs for various reasons but have lost their intentionality when it comes to evangelism. It’s time for that to change.

So at, we are challenging churches to pledge or commit to having gospel conversations over the next year. It’s our goal to see 1,000,000 gospel conversations pledged from churches all across North America.

We’d love to have your church participate and for your members to have gospel conversations with their friends, relatives, or neighbors over the next year. It’s amazing to consider the harvest the Lord could bring if His people were committed to more than a million gospel conversations during the next 12 months.

Please consider partnering with us in this gospel conversation endeavor. We’ve provided links to resources, stats, ideas, and encouragement for your church to utilize as we seek to renew evangelism in North American churches.

We pray that you and your church will join us. View all participating churches.

My Church's Gospel Conversations Pledge

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When calculating your church’s pledge total, consider the number of people in your church who might participate, the number of times they could have a gospel conversation each month, and multiply by 12. For example, if you could count on 75 people in your church to have 1 gospel conversation each month, your pledge total would be 900 gospel conversations (75 x 1 x 12 = 900).