Evangelism is at the heart of the church’s mission. As Christians, we’ve been called to share the Good News in our communities and beyond. It’s estimated that only 3 percent of all lost people come to church on their own initiative. This leaves 97 percent to be cultivated and reached by other means.

We want to help believers become more comfortable routinely sharing their faith through gospel conversations. Everyone can participate in the practice of personal evangelism and there are many ways to connect with this calling. These gospel conversations start with each one of us being obedient to the Great Commission.

The goal of EvangelismRenewal.com is to start a conversation about difficult topics, but also to point struggling churches to evangelistically successful congregations and offer encouragement for those in decline to follow suit.

At this site, you can sign up to receive a free eBook, Rainer on Evangelism. We hope this will give you a reason to lead your churches to be evangelistic and give those in your congregation resources and ideas on how they can be evangelistic.

We will continue to add testimonies, resources, and research, but the emphasis of this site will be on encouraging Christians to share their faith with others.

It is our prayer that the research, the resources, and the eBook will spark more than a million Gospel conversations that God will use to bring about the conversion of men and women, boys and girls.

If you have questions about EvangelismRenewal.com, please email jonathan.howe@lifeway.com.